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Reliable Refurbished Machines by Qualified Experienced People

      Robotics Research Inc.

We concentrate on Quality. We’re concerned with details. We are supplier of Pre-owned & Refurbished Robots with Integration and Technical Assistance Services.

Mission & Vision

Changing the Future of Robotics for the Better

Today’s manufacturing environment is a maze of both older and newer equipment , highly automated machinery. Robotics Research & Integration Inc. has combined three established companies to provide complete end-to-end solutions to the automated equipment industry. From engineering design to manufacturing, from electricians to specialists in controls, and from mechanical repair to robotic technicians, RRI provides a full line of services from initial concept and design to integration and installation.

When it involves precision automated manufacturing and process control systems, RRI offers a single-source solution for designing and building complete turnkey systems, retrofits, systems upgrades, and preventative maintenance.


Robot Refurbishing

Robotics Research and Integration Inc. offers a wide range of refurbished new & used industrial robots with integration and technical assistance services. We refurbish and repair robots to their original condition and manufacturer’s specifications including the addition of safety enhancements.

Engineering & Fabrication

We have our own fabrication shop and are equipped to design, manufacture, and assemble complete tooling and fixtures in-house. We are capable of providing quality design and manufactured parts to each project in a professional time basis that will meet with client requirements and expectations.

Controls Manufacturing

Our projects are designed and built to your specifications while ensuring delivery of quality robotic products. The Electrical Safety Authority of Ontario (ESA) inspects all our electrical installation and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) approves our electrical control panels.

Tooling Design

We design and build EOAT and fixture for many different robot applications like Welding, Tending, Handling, and Palletizing. All tooling are provided with a concept drawing that is approved by the end-user before final details and manufacturing can be processed. Once manufactured, mounted on the robot wrist, it is tested for accuracy and reliability.

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Pre-Owned & High-Quality Refurbished Robots